Mathilde Belle de Jour

Winner USBG 1L Mathilde No Limits Cocktail Competition 2008. By Todd Appel, Crimson Lounge and Piranha Bros Bar Catering and Consulting,

- 1 oz PIERRE FERRAND Ambre Cognac
- ½ oz Fresh Bosc Pear Purée*
- 1½ oz MATHILDE Pear Liqueur
- Garnish: Spiced Port/ Cassis syrup**

* Bosc Pear Purée :
- 1 fresh ripe Bosc pear, peeled and cored
- Juice of half lemon.
- Add to food processor and purée.
- Strain through double strainer.

** Spiced Port Syrup :
- ¼ cup Ruby Port
- ¼ cup MATHILDE Crème de Cassis
- 1 tsp of each Allspice berries, cloves, black pepper corns

Simmer in saucepan until reduced to half. Remove and strain spices. Pour syrup back into saucepan and reduce another quarter. Pour into small bowl, cover with plastic and cool in refrigerator. Chill a cocktail glass in refrigerator. Remove and drizzle Port/Cassis syrup into glass creating a beautiful design. To mixing glass filled with ice, add cognac, pear liqueur, pear puree. Shake briskly. Strain into syrup coated glass. Serve with ramekin of olives.

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