Richard Francis Burton’s Nightcap in East India

Richard Francis Burton’s Nightcap in East India, élaboré par Gabriel Daun, Gekkos Bar, Francfort, Allemagne


- 4,5 cl cognac Pierre Ferrand 1840 original formula
- 1 cl rhum Plantation Overproof
- 1 cuillère de Pierre Ferrand Orange Dry Curacao
- 1 cuillère de Luxardo Maraschino
- 2 cuillères de sirop d'ananas maison
- 3 traits de Boker’s Bitters


Mélanger et filtrer dans une coupe sans glace.
Décoration : zeste de citron


« With the 1840 original formula Cognac by Ferrand, bartenders finally have a Cognac similar to Charente spirits from the 19th Century in their hands. Bulkier and edged more than any other competitor currently on the market, it proves to be great for mixed drinks, as it knows how to stand its ground amongst other ingredients. »

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